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2020.07.25 2020 Kyushu Heavy Rains (Kumamoto)
Our medical support activities have ended today. Thank you very much for your support!

2020.07.05 2020 Kyushu Heavy Rains (Kumamoto)
Heavy rains that hit Kyushu on July 4, 2020 caused flooding in Kumamoto Prefecture. We started our medical activity to minimize health hazards in evacuation centers.

2020.01.30 One World Festival
We will have a booth exhibition, please join us! The event will be held on Feb 1-2 in Osaka.

2020.01.01 Thank you for your friendship
In 2019, many natural disasters occurred in Japan. We will continue to provide support for suffers through the Western Japan Heavy Rains (Saga), the Southern Chiba Typhoon and the Floods in Wake of Typhoon Hagibis. We look forward to your continued support!

2019.12.25 2019 Western Japan Heavy Rains (Saga)
Reconstruction of the damaged Omachi town is progressing little by little. HuMA currently supports once a month, with the next follow-up planning one year later.

2019.12.13 2019 Typhoon Hagibis JAPAN
Revisited Nagano Prefecture where we provided medical support last month. We met with public health nurses and local people to discuss the current issues.

2019.12.01 2019 Typhoon Hagibis and Chiba Typhoon
We held a briefing on our support activities in Chiba and Nagano for HuMA members and supporters.

2019.11.29 2019 Typhoon Hagibis JAPAN
After providing extensive support in the area affected by the typhoon, the last medical team returned home safely. Thank you for your support. We will continue to provide reconstruction assistance. Please continuously cooperate with us!

2019.11.13 2019 Western Japan Heavy Rains (Saga)
The evacuation centers have been closed and the disaster areas are being reconstructed, but there seems to be still much we can do, such as cooperation in organizing records at the time of disaster, and more.

2019.10.12- 2019 Typhoon Hagibis JAPAN
Typhoon Hagibis battered Japan with the heaviest rain and winds. HuMA deployed assessment teams across Japan to respond to medical needs.

2019.10.15 2019 Western Japan Heavy Rains (Saga)
All external support organizations withdrawed as of today. To decrease the burden of local staffs' fatigue, we will continue to provide support.

2019.09.12-27 2019 Chiba JAPAN Typhoon
A powerful typhoon landed in Chiba prefecture, causing a power outage in a wide area. HuMA immediately sent an assessment team. In the result of the assessment, starting from the 13th, we dispatched the medical staff in Tateyama area.

2019.09.12 2019 Western Japan Heavy Rains (Saga)
Our last medical team returned home safely. Thank you very much for your support!

2019.09.04 2019 Western Japan Heavy Rains (Saga)
We continue to support victims and local medical and public administration staff...

2019.09.01 2019 Western Japan Heavy Rains (Saga)
Cardboard beds arrived to the evacuation center...

2019.08.31 2019 Western Japan Heavy Rains (Saga)
There are a lot of dirty oil on the road...

2019.08.31 2019 Western Japan Heavy Rains (Saga)
HuMA's medical team supports local governments and public health nurses who assist the sufferers.

2018.07.11 2018 Western Japan Floods
HuMA's medical team will take over the assessment team's duties now on-going in the devastated area.

2018.07.08 2018 Western Japan Floods
The record-breaking torrential rain and floods affected areas for those unaccounted for. An initial assessment team was immediately dispatched to assess the situation.

2017.11.11 2017 Myanmar
For people fleeing Myanmar, HuMA sent medical specialists in refugee camps.

2017.07.07 2017 Kyushu Rain Disaster
Record-setting rainfall had hit the northern part of Kyushu, centered on Fukuoka and Oita prefectures from July 5th. HuMA sent survey and medical team to provide relief support.

Responding to the earthquake disaster, HuMA will send a survey team and medical teams.

Our medical mission is done-and-dusted. Thank you very much for your support!

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